Senior Pastor
Meet Apostle James Mouzon II
Apostle James Mouzon Jr. is a millennial generation leader graced with an adept gift in raising leaders and developing an organizational outlook concerning modernized ministry. Apostle James has been a leader in many facets since He was a little boy.  By 19, He was leading multi-million dollar retail businesses and was being called a "motivational speaker."  By 2013, he met and married His wife Shreeia Perry and answered the call to Ministry. James received his first assignment as a Sabbath school teacher in 2015. By 2016, He was president of the Church board and by 2018, Apostle James had led in two churches as a worship leader and youth pastor. In the midst of these assignments and in 2016, Apostle James and his wife, Prophetess Shreeia began hosting bible studies in their home.  In 2019, the small group quickly grew exponentially and birthed Ministry 4 Millennials.
In November 2020, Apostle James and his wife, Shreeia were launched into the deep, sent as the leaders of the Millennia Assembly, and by 2021, this local ministry has reached out beyond its borders becoming national, and by mid year, becoming international.   
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Senior Leader
Meet Prophetess Shreeia Mouzon

First Lady Shreeia Mouzon, is an advocate for women especially those married to powerful Men of God. Her message is simple, abide in the shadows of God and not the shadow of Man. Raised in her family's church, Shreeia comes from a bloodline and lineage of anointed men and women who taught her the standard of church. She is the granddaughter of the late Bishop Frank Perry, a Man known for tent revivals and radical steps of faith. First lady Mouzon is belovedly known for her "side-eye" no non-sense character which she gets from Her grandmother and also the standard of our church. 

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Campus Pastor
Meet Pastor Raymond Phillips

Pastor Raymond Phillips Jr is a native of Sharon Hill, Pa. He is the oldest of 15 children. He accepted Christ around the tender age of 10 years old. In 2004 he met his mentor Pastor James Anderson of Living the Word ministries, where he learned to study the bible and speak about Jesus Christ’s goodness. He is a humble servant of God whose ultimate desire is to serve God’s people.  Pastor Ray has served in various capacities of leadership throughout the years, Pastor Ray’s passion is for young men still trying to find their way. He has been a part of 3 ministry’s foundational stages. He is the owner of the Delaware County Scorpions football team.  His education includes attending the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology where he studied business for 2 years. He has been ministering for about 10 years on the battlefield for Jesus Christ. In 2019 he became “one quarter founder and Pastor” of Ministry 4 Millennials, where Apostle James J. Mouzon II and First Lady Prophetess Shreeia Mouzon are leading the charge. He has been married to his amazing wife Aleshia Phillips for 7 years. Pastor Ray believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father and lives by the scripture “But first and most importantly seek His kingdom and His righteousness and all things will be given to you also.” Matthew 6:33

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Intercessor and Prophetic Leader
Meet Prophetess Lauren Ford

Following the rededication of her life in August of 2019, Lauren Ford became a living miracle. God did a quick work in her and restored “lost” time, accelerating her in scriptural knowledge, gifting and intercession. In April of 2020, Prophetess Lauren Ford became apart of the admin team for Ministry 4 Millennials.


Prophetess Ford has a heart for the forgotten, overlooked, dis-enfranchised and broken people. She considers herself a marketplace minister as she brings the Gospel to anyone willing to listen and receive, whether while working at the dentist office or traversing the streets of Philadelphia. 

Prophetess Ford is a multifaceted member of Ministry 4 Millennials, handling social media- posts and graphics, being apart of the Intercessory team, and the Prophetic team (alongside 1st Lady, Prophetess Shreeia Perry- Mouzon). Knowing that all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord, Lauren doesn’t mind the sacrifice because she operates in obedience. 

Being an overcomer of anxiety and depression, Lauren is quick to remind everyone of Paul’s words in 2nd Timothy 1:7- For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. Her goal in ministry is not only to uproot, dismantle and destroy strongholds but to also encourage her brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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Teacher and Mother
Meet Evangelist Laureen "Mom Reen" Ford

Evangelist Laureen Ford, rededicated her life back to the Lord in 2005. She was a member of Abundant Life Healing Fellowship Church, where she was the Assistant of Human Resources Ministry. This ministry provided resources for those seeking shelter, clothing and health issues, and met other needs as they arose within the church as well as the community. She helped spearhead the Community Outreach Events and provided oversight of the food cupboard for the community and prepared for seminars. She also assisted with the children’s church, teaching arts and crafts while directing plays.  Evangelist Ford obtained a Certificate of Achievement for the completion of Sure Foundation Class, under the direction of Pastor Steven Walker.
In 2007, she returned to her home church Miracle Temple Holy Church Inc. Evangelist Laureen was taught under the tutelage of Bishop Hilda R. Flowers-Cooper and Apostle Sylvia J Stoner, Pastor of the Apostolic Faith. Under this ministry the foundation in both teaching and grooming of the Apostolic Faith was laid. Evangelist Laureen was the President of the Nurses ministry where she served both the pulpit and the congregation. She planned services to help raise money and assisted in planning seminars for the Holy Convocation for Nurse’s Day.
Evangelist Laureen has occupied many roles during the time of sitting at Miracle Temple Holy Church. With a heart to serve, she operated as an adjutant, assisting the Apostle with travel and her speaking engagements. She was apart of the Women’s Ministry and coordinated services for the women to be enlightened, encouraged, strengthened, and emboldened, both naturally and spiritually. She sat as Vice President of the Youth Ministry, where her responsibilities included assisting, organizing, and planning events and her passion- teaching for the Children’s Ministry.
In 2012, Evangelist Laureen entered a three-year Christian program at First Pentecostal Holy Church located in Chester, Pennsylvania, where she graduated Valedictorian in 2015. In June 2016, she was ordained a Minister for the Lord, with the office of a teacher.  In 2019, Evangelist Laureen left Miracle Temple and joined The Disciples of Faith where Apostle T.B. Walker oversaw the ministry. There was a continual grooming of her gifts during her time with this ministry. She currently assists with the outreach program associated with the ministry at the Sunday Breakfast Mission.  In 2021, Minister Laureen transitioned from Disciples of Faith to Ministry 4 Millennials under the tutelage of the Apostle James J. Mouzon Jr. She is a Sr. Admin, a mother to the motherless and serves on the Evangelist Team.

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Meet Our Team

These are the Leaders of Ministry 4 Millennials!

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James Mouzon
  • Sr. Leader / Founder
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Shreeia Mouzon
  • Sr. Leader / Founder
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Raymond Phillips
  • Lead Pastor Hub NC / Founder
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Aleshia Phillips
  • Executive Administrator
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Karina Perez
  • Youth Pastor
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Lauren Ford
  • Hub Leader (PA)
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Kyle Brown
  • Pastor / Visual And Audio Director
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Laureen Ford
  • Evangelist / Teaching Administration
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Sari Jefferson
  • Evangelist
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Lafyette Nelson
  • Prophet
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Youlanda Coleman
  • Hub Leader (MD)
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Casey Gabby Oakman
  • Worship Leader
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Dr. Tameka Daniels
  • Apostle / Hub Leader (DE)