Im New to Ministry 4 Millennials!
The Need to know info

First and foremost, Welcome to the Millennia Assembly! There are many groups and activities that may appeal to you! Here are some quick FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) concerning the Ministry and where you can fit in!

  • What is a virtual Bible study like?

The premise of a virtual Bible study, is to create a comfortable environment where you feel safe and encouraged to begin seeking the face of God. Our zoom rooms are like the virtual Sanctuary, where you can interact with the Ministry and the leaders in the process of getting acclimated with the study, worship and the needs within our Church. 

  • What about my kids?

BRING THEM!  Introducing Millennia Kids! a group for young believers under 13. Lead By our Youth Pastor Prophetess Karina Perez, They will learn stories, scriptures in the Bible, basic information (like the books of the Bible) how and what Jesus  taught His Apostles, the 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes, and more. 

  • Is there a new members class and do I need to take that first?

Technically No, but there are classes to better acquaint you with the ministries/activities and how they all function cohesively, creating a continuum of care for all in our Ministry.  There will be classes offered for everyone at various levels:  basic, advanced and proficient, and the foundation of all that we learn and all that we do is centered in establishing a deep, abiding love for Jesus Christ.  As the classes on Jesus Christ and biblical truths are taught,  the truths that govern the church and why these things are important will be discussed in open forums to help solidify the knowledge of our faith, the significance and value of the price Jesus paid for our Salvation and why it is so important. You will be able to learn at your own pace!

  • What do I Wear?

Come as You Are! We ask for women to dress  modestly.  Our Evangelists will assist any of the ladies in securing modest clothing if someone does not have the necessary items.  We do that so as to not expose too much flesh as it can be a significant temptation to some and would be considered a stumbling block to others in our tribe. Some wear suits and ties, some sundresses and a short sleeved shirt and slacks, while others wear tunics, dresses and Smocks – all these are totally up to you.  We lean toward "Smart casual" for inside.      

  • How can I get connected?

Reach out to our evangelism team for more information, our schedule and a formal welcome.