Welcome to Ministry 4 Millennials
Apostle James Mouzon II Greeting:

Hi, and welcome to Ministry 4 Millennials!  We are a group of Kingdom builders, Spirit led, searching for truth and encouraging the walk of purpose and destiny. What started as a faithful Bible study group of four has turned into an assembly of believers coming from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some raised in church; some completely new to the idea of church; some who carry mantles and some still learning what they are called to be –  but all united with the same level of hunger for God. The awesome thing about the Millennia Assembly is that it’s versatile enough to fit your needs, yet structured enough to hold the move of God. I don’t know what you’ve come to seek, but I’m confident God will meet you where you are. We have several different ministries and other activities that may appeal to you in your season. The only rule we have is don’t forebear to share! If God has moved in your life, share it! We are overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. So get comfortable, come with expectation, and let God be God!

Welcome to M4M – Ministry 4 Millennials

An Assembly for the Rest of Us!

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